Sunday, September 7, 2008


How does John McCain get away with criticizing the Bush Administration and "taking on" the GOP when he voted with them 90% of the time in the past couple of years and with the Republican party in general the majority of the time during his many years in the Senate. The way that he is creating this fake Maverick persona for himself just disgusts me. He has the "Straight Talk" express, yet he is anything but straightforward about who he is and where he really stands on issues. He is a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN! On social issues, on economic issues ... he is NOT a moderate!! He says, "Change is coming", but let's not forget that it was only last year that the Democrats finally took back the House and Senate. For the better part of eight years this country has been completely controlled by individuals with the exact same values as McCain. Electing him would create no type of change in this country.