Saturday, October 4, 2008


Here's a rockin' new music duo with a great sound. Uh Huh Her (not to be confused with the PJ Harvey album of the same name) is made up of lesbian icon Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey, a musician who has contributed her bass and keyboard talents to artists such as Dr. Dre and Busta Rhymes. Hailey, best known for her fabulous acting in the role of Alice Pieszecki on Showtime's hit series The L Word, actually began her musical career years ago in the pop duo The Murmurs, which had somewhat of a cult following in the 90s. She left the music world after joining The L Word, but last year decided to make her comeback. She joined up with Grey and Uh Huh Her was born. They released an EP I See Red in 2007, and their first full-length album, Common Reaction was just released this past August.

Their sound has been described as "electropop" with one review stating, "Listening to the electronic-pop / neo-new wave sound of "Common Reaction" is like the feeling you have when drifting in and out of consciousness; the place in between being awake and dreaming. The ladies’ sweet, and sometimes haunting, vocals arouse your senses and leave your body fully stimulated." Says another reviewer of the album, "Remarkably well-versed in ‘80s sonic textures, the duo have crafted a tight-knit sound based on the interplay of Hailey’s breathy alto and instrumentalist Camila Grey’s angelic harmonies."

But it's not just the music on their album that's notable: apparently the two are something to see in concert. I guess I will find out for myself when I see them perform in Minneapolis on November 5th, after which I will report back with a personalized report on the live experience. Until then, check out their MySpace page or watch this video of them performing an acoustic version of one of my favorites ("Wait Another Day") on the AfterEllen vlog, Liz Feldman's "This Just Out."