Saturday, December 30, 2006

welcome, etc.

Ok so I am officially joining the world of bloggers. I'll admit that I have already dabbled in it a bit during my stint in Portugal, but for some reason this feels different. (By the way, giving a shout out to myself: you can check out my chronicles of my year spent abroad at So here is where I tell you what I'm all about and give my big disclaimer. Well, I'm just a rather ordinary college girl living in the Midwest (Madison, WI to be exact) looking for one more way to waste the time that I don't actually have. I'm in my final semester at the University, studying Social Work. After I graduate in May I am quite unsure of what I will be doing with the rest of my life. But lucky you, you don't have to hear about all of that.

Yes, that's right, I am not intending this to be one of those "live journal" type things where I share my innermost feelings and thoughts with the unknown public. I have always been rather baffled by some people's willingness to share their most private emotions on the internet. Well, I am not so much an attention-seeker and I have my own (very private) journal for that. This will be rather a way for me to share my fabulous wit and intellect with the world. Ok, ok, so maybe I shouldn't go that far. In any case, with all of the work and studying I have I find myself with less and less of a social life. So I figure this can be a forum for me to ramble about some of the things I no longer have as many opportunities to ramble about with my friends. Plus, I'm sure my roommate will be grateful to be bothered by me with less frequency. Maybe no one will read this, which wouldn't really bother me. However, if people happen to stumble upon it and find what I have to say interesting ... well, great!

More about me ... I'm sure little tidbits will leak their way out here and there. What fun is it if I give you a lengthy autobiography right off the bat? Sheesh...

So, welcome to my mind. Or at least the part of it that I'm willing to share.

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