Monday, April 30, 2007

A Homegrown Delight!

This past Saturday night, in celebration of my 22nd birthday, a couple friends and I went to Cafe Montmartre here in Madison to see this fantastic artist perform. I first discovered Martha Berner on Mspace (which is the best way to discover musicians as it turns out) about a year ago. She has been to Madison a couple of times since then, but for some reason I always missed her. I was thrilled to finally get the opportunity, and it was well worth the wait! She is amazingly talented, and the best thing is she is a Wisconsin native! She hails from the town of William's Bay on Lake Geneva, which just so happens to be the town in which my grandma grew up! The style of music is very indie folk and enjoyable. While performing, she switched it up between the acoustic guitar, tambourine, harmonica and even trumpet! (I don't know why I'm so impressed by the trumpet, but I am). She has been getting great reviews from all across the country. I won't be surprised if we hear more about her very soon! You can get her CD ... this side of yesterday or her EP Ten Tiny Little Pieces on iTunes.

So go! Listen! Go now!

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